Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Shall I return to take you by the hand

 Dress: Sangria; Shoes: Zigi Soho;
 Bag: Fossil; Headband: gift from Marilou.

I shall go back again to the bleak shore
And build a little shanty on the sand
In such a way that the extremest band
Of brittle seaweed shall escape my door
But by a yard or two; and nevermore
Shall I return to take you by the hand.
I shall be gone to what I understand,
And happier than I ever was before.
The love that stood a moment in your eyes,
The words that lay a moment on your tongue,
Are one with all that in a moment dies,
A little under-said and over-sung.
But I shall find the sullen rocks and skies
Unchanged from what they were when I was young. 
- "I shall go back, " Edna St. Vincent Millay.

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