Monday, June 13, 2011


 Dress: Jeri Ann, vintage; Shoes: Zigi Soho; Bag: Fossil.

I don't really experiment with my hair that much, but with a lot of formal events coming up this summer, I decided it was time to learn how to play around with it. My hair is thick but sensitive to change, so I don't regularly use a lot of products or heat styling methods. So I was super glad when I discovered pillow hair rollers at Target the other day. They're just like regular hair rollers except they're super plush, which means you can sleep with them in and not wake up with a migraine the next morning (I guess that makes them a little more like rag curlers in that sense). I woke up with crazy curly hair the next morning and ended up brushing it out 15 times and added a little hairspray, and what you see above is the end result. I think I am definitely going to experiment with them a lot this summer, since the curls seem to hold up against the humidity around here!

My sailboat dress is a special gift from Jeremiah. I had admired it in a vintage shop the other day, and regretted leaving it there. So on a particularly bad day last week, I went to visit the store after work, and was bummed to see it was already purchased. I spent the whole car ride home feeling a little sad, and reprimanding myself for being so silly over clothing, even if it was a dress that looked like it was spun from sunshine. And then I came home and, as if to prove its own magical qualities, it was sitting on a chair. Jeremiah had purchased it a couple hours before I came home. Those are the best kinds of surprises, and I think I love it even more for that.

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