Friday, June 10, 2011

It feels like morning in your eyes

 Dress: Elie Tahari, salvaged from Aunt P.'s closet; Scarf: gift, from Italy; 
Shoes: Zigi Soho; Sweater: Faded Glory; Sunglasses: vintage, thrifted. 

I've worn this dress before several times, but never just by itself, so the warm weather has afforded the opportunity. This Elie Tahari dress is one of the few designer pieces I have in my closet, and I salvaged it from  Jeremiah's very stylish and wonderful Aunt P., she of the awesome hand-me-downs. I really love the construction of it and I always feel like a super-sophisticated version of myself whenever I wear it. It feels reminiscent of  the sporty/preppy looks of Betty Draper (especially in her Main Line getups) or Daisy Buchanan

I am really happy with how these photos turned out. I usually take my morning photos during the weekends when I have a lot more time, but yesterday I went really early before work and witnessed a blood-red sunrise. I don't consider myself religious, but there's definitely something spiritual, almost otherworldly when you're privy to the secret machinations of a park just as the sun is coming up. I've gotten to the point where I feel disappointed when I oversleep some days and miss these few precious moments.

The scarf I'm wearing has some special significance to this weekend. My friends Val and Sam gave it to me as one of the souvenirs from their trip to Italy last summer, where they got engaged. I'm going to see them get married Saturday!

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