Wednesday, June 1, 2011

As it stands still

 Watch: c/o The Trendy Boutique; Blouse: Fiorlini International;
Shorts: American Eagle; Shoes: Naturalizers; Bag: Fossil. 

Though I've devoted much of my closet space to dresses, sometimes it's fun to go off sartorial autopilot and do something different. Before I headed out of town on Friday for my busy holiday weekend, I had a chance to run some errands and take photos at the usual spot, just after a torrential rainstorm. I usually avoid doing blog photos after thunderstorms because of the inevitable sloppiness of trudging in the woods, but I decided to be adventurous and expose my camera to the drippy elements. I'm so glad I did -- the dramatic sky was worth it. 

I recently received this watch from The Trendy Boutique, and I'm enjoying its bright pink presence on my arm. I'm not normally a watch person, but I've recently rediscovered the usefulness of knowing the time right away (instead of relying on other means of technology), and its stone rubber band means it'll be pretty practical yet unfussy for my summer adventures. This particular watch makes me nostalgic for my teenage summers away at camp, where the ticking hands had to be in sync for everyone there, for meals to bugle calls, to campfire sessions and weekends wandering into town. Looking at these photos remind me of those awesome carefree days, and I love wearing an accessory that inspires me to wear more lollipop-colored clothing.

Want to win some arm candy of your own? Stick around this afternoon for a chance to win a watch from The Trendy Boutique!

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  1. I love that watch! I got back into watches lately after not wearing them for years. I must say that it's made me more punctual.


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