Thursday, June 9, 2011

In a summer swelter

 Dress: Spense; Belt: Fossil; Wedges: Bongo.

Whenever I think of summer in Georgia during the winter months, there's this romantic, idealized view of it that no doubt is influenced from literature and the movies: lemonade in chilled glasses on porch swings, paper fans, rocking chairs, cornfields at dusk, swimming holes with knotted rope swings. And of course, through November until late April, I completely forget the sweltering reality of June through August: two showers a day; drinking copious amounts of water; having a relaxed attitude towards appearance and dress codes; and having daily delusions that everything, everywhere will soon melt on the sidewalk and start oozing into the sewer systems. Sure, there are still porches, and rocking chairs, and cornfields. Somewhere. And if swimming holes still exist in this area, if they're really good swimming holes, then they're well-guarded secrets.

So, I guess because of all this, I've been pretty simple, sartorially-speaking, with not a lot of ornamentation or layers but plenty of colors.With a very pared-down closet this summer, it's made me realize which items are most important and most beloved in my closet. (Bonus points if you can't see me sweat in it).

I took these photos on a very quiet college campus, just right before a heat lightning evening show and before I scared myself silly walking alone by a centuries-old cemetery. I still get my kicks, somehow.

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