Friday, June 3, 2011

Break open your heart

Dress: Body Central, borrowed from sister; 
Bag: Fossil, thrifted; Shoes: Aerosoles.
Photos of me by Jeremiah.

On Monday, Jeremiah and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary by going out for dinner, getting a few drinks in downtown Athens, and then ending the night with some champagne and lots of No Reservations episodes. It was pretty tame, but with our busy schedules the last couple weeks, it's all we really wanted. 

I'm about to get sappy here. The last couple years have not been easy for us. We started our marriage as new college graduates, full of experience but unemployed in one of the most competitive job markets because of the recession. With the ups and downs of moving back to our hometowns, making career overhauls and starting graduate school, it has been made a lighter journey because of experiencing it with good humor and aplomb with Jeremiah. I hope we get to look back on this time fondly 50 years from now and just think of it as an early prototype for a better life.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend,

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