Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring!, or Dress #21

Dress: Ann Taylor Loft;
Tights: Target;
Scarf (as belt): H&M;
Boots: Kady cognac, Target;
Bracelet: Thrifted, gift.
How I've worn the scarf before: here.

This outfit felt like it was missing something when I just put on the dress this morning, and since I couldn't find my red belt to add some more color, I substituted my huge H&M scarf. I basically just folded it into half so it was a giant triangle, tied it at my waist like an apron and did a bunch of tucking until it looked like more of a belt. Aren't the tassles fun? I liked the result and am in love with the color palette. I wanted to wear my boots and tights a couple more times before the weather changes for good. I can't believe how attached I've gotten to tights and boots this season, and I'm going to miss them for the next 7 months.

Such a lazy day -- didn't do anything important today, and it felt nice. 

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  1. So cute! I'm going to miss my boots too! I thought about trying to wear them in the spring/summer...but it gets too hot down here!

  2. I think the tassles on the scarf are the absolute best part of this outfit. So cute!

  3. That scarf is PERFECT as an obi! It adds so much style to a great basic.

  4. Your scarf worn as a belt is such a great idea...i love the embellishments. It looks so nice with your dress!

  5. Love the tassle scarf! It looks great the way you tied it as a belt. The colour of your dress is lovely too.

  6. I love the purple and red combo and your creative use of the scarf - it looks like an obi belt.

    I know what you mean about wearing tights with a skirt or dress - I haven't worn them as much as you this winter, but I feel kind of weird about exposing my chicken white legs to the world all by themselves.

  7. LOVE what you did with the scarf. Beautiful look!

  8. You know I love me some scarves as belts. This is precious. I adore the tassles. It adds something very special to the whole ensemble.

  9. A scarf as a belt is one of my favorite things right now, especially since it's no longer scarf weather. Love the color palette. (I'm going to miss my tights/boots, too!)

  10. I really love how you used the scarf as a belt. :) Fun!

    xx Love & Aloha

  11. What a clever idea with the scarf! I need to find a scarf with tassels. Very cute outfit!


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