Thursday, March 25, 2010

Worth the extra effort


  1. Aww! So cute! Love the bear. I have a bear, too, and my friends tease me about him, but oh well. I love mine so much.

    What a great birthday cake! I prefer homemade ones, too.

  2. Funfetti cake is *delicious*. And even more so with chocolate chips sprinkled in. He's a lucky man ;)

  3. Oooo yummy cake! Look delish. Homemade is always better, even if it's from the box. :) What a sweet wife you are!! and how cute is that bear with your hubby!!

    xx Love & Aloha

  4. aaawww! love the cake. homemade has more love in it! ;-)

  5. Cake looks great - and I love the shot with the bear :D

    My little critters get into a lot of my blog pics too ;P

    CC xXx

  6. jeremiah has an awesome birthday! ;)

    (same as mine!) LOL

    that cake looks tasty. :)


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