Tuesday, March 2, 2010

There's white things in the air, or Dress #7

Listening to: "What's This?" 
from "The Nightmare before Christmas" soundtrack.
Dress: Banana Republic;
Coat: H&M, thrifted from Plato's Closet;
Tights: Anne Klein, Marshall's;
Boots: Kady cognac, Target.
How I've worn the dress before: here.
How I've worn the coat before: here.

Georgia's weather is an enigma I'll never understand and that pisses me off. For as much as it was beautiful yesterday, I woke up to snow today. It all melted by the afternoon when these pictures were taken, but it was pretty miserable to be outside during most of the day. Seriously, Mother Nature? You and I had a deal -- you would do your thing and make things sunny, and I would try to dress cute everyday.
About the outfit. I don't wear this coat very often and decided to build my outfit around it for The Dress Project. I didn't take very good pictures of the dress by itself, so you can see an example of it in one of my before pictures linked above. I liked this combination -- green and turquoise are such cheerful spring colors.

Anyways, today was a pretty good day. Hung out with Jeremiah and some of our best friends at our favorite restaurant/bar (and our favorite waiter was there too). Sometimes all you need is chicken fingers and good conversation.

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  1. Beautiful dress in a beautiful color! This coat reminds me of one I used to own. Now I wish I hadn't given it away!

  2. "Sometimes all you need is chicken fingers and good conversation."


    Love the color of this dress!

  3. I love that dress. I remember seeing it at BR last year, I think. (or one similar to it) and i wanted it, but I didn't want to spend the $$$ on it. LOL

    I soooo need a pair of those boots. I wish I could find them somewhere! LOL

  4. I love that coat! And perfect styling! :)

  5. You look so fresh and pretty! Boy, I am SO ready for spring!

  6. that coat is a wonderful accent to your gorgeous blue dress... those ruffles are such an unexpected and feminine detail!


  7. That color combo is dynamite! And the dress itself is a stunner.

  8. that coat looks amazing on you. with your dark hair, its perfect! love it :)


  9. I know we've seen this coat before and I still love it. The colors and pattern are fabulous.

  10. oh i love the color combination here!!! love it! i have a dress in a similar turquoise and i love the pairing with a lighter blue--it's beautiful.

  11. i hate when it's miserable outside, it makes it hard to want to dress up :( you look so lovely in this outfit though and that coat works perfectly with that dress!

  12. Oh man, your outfit looks so lovely and spring-like!

  13. From a fellow Atlantan, hello! And yes, what the heck is up with the weather recently?!?!?!

    Also, your outfit today is so cute. That coat ROCKS! :)

    Where do you do your dress shopping? (When I have money) I am jonesing to add some more cute dresses to my collection!

  14. gorgeous dress and love those boots!

  15. That coat is absolutely gorgeous! I love the color.


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