Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Assassin's Tango, or Dress #18

Listening to: Assassin's Tango, 
from the "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" soundtrack.
Dress: Ann Taylor Loft;
Sweater: Faded Glory;
Shoes: Aerosoles;
Belt: Fossil.
It's Day 18 into The Dress Project and I'm trying to stay resolute with my goals, but it's beginning to feel difficult when 27 more dresses seems like it will end a long time from now. But I am trying to fully appreciate what I already have, which is why I pulled out this dress today. I specifically bought it for tailgating at my college's football games in the fall --- female fans at SEC college schools usually dress up for the games, and I suppose it's a longtime Southern tradition (you can read more of my thoughts on it here).

So even though it's a day dress, I can't really see it outside of the context of football Saturdays, and so I tried to look past the school colors in it and give it another try today. I ended up like the way I styled it -- it felt feminine, flirty and a little tango-ish because of the colors. I like the matchy-matchiness of it. Instead of my usual wedge or flat, I went with a real heel today, but next time I wear this, I'll probably wear a different shoe because these felt too clunky for the outfit. Oh well, it's a learning process!

In other news, I'm a little behind on the times, but I started a twitter account for this blog (@joannssidewalk) so I could expand the dialogue and keep up with other bloggers' tweets. I have had a personal account for a while and haven't kept up with it, but am excited about my new blog one. If you feel so inclined,you can follow me there too!

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  1. Great dress (and yay for workin' it at tailgates). When my friend and fellow Illinoisan went to UGA and posted pictures from a football game I was just so baffffffled. Not at all how we do things in the Midwest. I could definitely see myself being a fan, though...can't say I feel so great in orange t-shirts!

  2. JoAnn - FANTASTIC job on this project. Keep up the great work. Seeing how my boss is from the ATL she has filled me in on how insane college football is so I have to say - GO Dogs just for her.

    On another note, work might bright me to Atlanta the week of 3/29. Would you want to meet up for a drink?

  3. i love the sweater over it - even though it's in the color scheme it keeps it from being too game day-ish.

    also i admire your committment to the dress project! 45 days in a row would be insanity! but it's going to be sooo worth it to see all of the pictures laid out in a little grid. checklist kind of satisfaction.

  4. you seriously have THE BEST dress collection ever! u have great taste my friend!

  5. this dress is gorgeous on you! and i especially love how you've worn the sweater.
    i am definitely not a school spirit kind of person, so these colors look lovely and not at all football-gamey to me!

  6. I actually think these shoes work perfectly with this dress. I love the pattern and vibrant colors!

    Also, major kudos to you for sticking with it. I'm so impressed!

  7. I can see you tearing up the dance floor in this dress! Love the hem, and definitely gives me the tango vibes, too.

  8. I am so impressed! How wonderful to have so many beautiful dresses, and you look so pretty in each of them.

    Regardless of my affection for all things Dawgs, this is just a great dress. To remove the tailgating aspect from it, just imagine it in a different color scheme. It would still be lovely. So, embrace it for what it is...a pretty, flattering, versatile dress!

  9. Joann... I love your dedication to your Dress Project! :) It will be so cool at the end to see all the looks side by side. I might consider doing something similar to your dress project, but maybe with accessories! hmmm, we'll see..

    ... I the color of that cardi... looks so fresh againsn't your skin tone!! :) Hope you're having a beautiful day or night! HUGS.

    xx Love & Aloha

  10. Beautiful color combo and I love those retro chic that dress is.

  11. Awww, the dress is cute! I've heard about gals at Southern universities dressing up for games, but all of my friends who go to schools in Texas don't have that tradition. I wonder if the Southwest is excluded from that? Hmmm... I love how you belted it!

  12. Bare legs.... ah.. bliss. I love how you dressed up for tailgate parties, never mind, I love that you even had tailgate parties...

  13. Red is a gorgeous color with your skintone!

  14. Your commitment to the dress project is admirable, lady! And I'm so glad you're giving this frock another chance - it's so lovely, and I adore it with the bright red cardi.

  15. Yet another amazingly beautiful dress! I've never worn anything in my school colors, mostly because I'm not crazy about how green and gold look together.

  16. very cute on you. Red & Black are definitely good colors for you! I have to say, my friends that aren't from the south really don't get the whole "dress up for games" thing that we do down here!

    I went to a small state school, but I also am a huge LSU fan- and I own my share of purple, gold, and tiger striped clothes that can be dressed up. ;)


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