Wednesday, March 24, 2010

They say it's your birthday, or Dress #24

Dress: Ariella, NYC;
Sweater: Ann Taylor Loft;
Earrings: Finder's Keepers;
Jade bracelet: Finder's Keepers;
Wedges: Zigi Soho.
How I've worn the dress: here, here.

Today is Jeremiah's birthday, and I'm going to make his cake in a couple of hours so it'll be freshly baked when he gets home from work. We've already had a great day together -- had lunch with his mom at a hibachi-style restaurant. Yum, yum.
This is the sixth birthday Jeremiah has had since we started dating (we've known each other for about nine years now) and his first since we've been married, and it's beginning to seem like we've known each other for a really long time. It's fun that I can remember him way back when ... 

About this outfit. So I wore this dress to death during our honeymoon and last summer, and I think it's definitely one of those dresses that works better in warmer weather. I really love the new length on it -- it used to be closer to my ankles, but thanks to my tailor, I don't look like I'm playing dress-up in mommy's clothes anymore. I added some green accessories and felt pretty cute. It got up to 70 degrees and I didn't really need my sweater, which was amazing.

Something exciting happened today. Well, it depends on your definition of "exciting," in which case mine happens to include a lot of things, except clowns. When we were driving back from lunch, I found a mix cd that I made four years ago for the tailgate our university's SGA threw for the football team and its fans. Jeremiah was very involved in SGA in college and somehow got me to make the playlist. (I was an aspiring DJ back then. And by "aspiring," I mean I banged my hands on my desk to beats and made ipod playlists. So, not really. But anyways.) So we had a few moments driving down the highway where we were singing Outkast songs at the top of our lungs. Oh, the silly little things in life...

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  1. i hopped on an emotional rollercoaster there for a sec because i thought you said you wore it TO a death (funeral or something) and then on your honeymoon and THEN all throughout the summer... i was all "omg she's in a glass case of emotion right now!"

    but then i read it again and understood. :)

    the dress is cute on you - the length is definitely good post tailor and the silhouette is just flattering on your figure. plus, green is always a great complement to that kind purpley color

  2. @chai am woman:

    Ahh, not what I meant! Haha, Definitely meant I wore it a lot during last summer.
    Thanks for the kind words. :)

  3. What a great dress Joann! Love the color on you.. and bravo to your tailor for adjusting the hemline.. magnific! Happy Bday to your hubby too. Hope he got everything he wished for and more!!

    xx Love & Aloha

  4. Ok I think this is my favorite dress that you've worn so far. It looks awesome on you!

    Happy Birthday to your husband :)

  5. I love this dress JoAnn...such a fantastic color on you! Happy B-day to J!

  6. that is so reason to be excited! Old mixes are the best random finds. I stumbled across some from my college girls a few months ago. Instant dance party!

    The dress is so lovely. That shade of violet sets off the peaches and cream of your skin tone.

  7. love the earrings with that dress. you look so classy and chic! very french.

  8. I love the color of this dress. Now I'm really curious to know what it looked like long.

  9. So sweet! I love the detailing on it :]

  10. Love it! And I'm loving this ATL weather! Also ... is the dress you wore when I fell off that sidewalk in New York. Oh man. Memories...

    P.S. I am going to stalk you on gchat so we can catch up at some point.

  11. Yay for the little things, indeed! Love this shade o' purple on you---looks great! Hope Jeremiah had a great birthday.

  12. Happy birthday, Jeremiah!

    The dress is really darling on you!

  13. That is a great shade of purple on you, beautiful!

  14. This dress is *so* pretty on you! I think my favorite that you have showcased in the project so far. I can't imagine it being ankle length, it looks like perfection the way it is, full and flirty ;)

  15. Lovely coloured dress .. And i love it when I find old cd's etc and they trake you back to that "place"

    I also used to make mixes up for the football bar disco's that i used to work .. And friends party's!

    CC xXx

  16. I like that you wear such bright and vibrant colors. They bring out your personality :)


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