Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Reflecting on The Dress Project

I'm taking a little break from the project today so that I can get some long-needed chores and errands done (i.e., I'm wearing my pajama pants), but I thought I'd reflect a little on how I'm feeling so far about doing this. We're into Dress 18 (I only put up 16 in the photos, because I'm waiting for it to round out to four photos in the grid), and almost halfway there:

1) I haven't broken down and bought clothing items since the ban started. Except for visiting Target, I've begun to shy away from situations that would usually tempt me, like going to the mall or looking at Gilt's offerings. I'm slowly pulling out long-forgotten things from my closet and thinking that I can recreate a look with what I already have. I think at the end of this whole experiment, I'll probably take new purchases into a lot more consideration.
2) But at the same time, I'm noticing that there are holes in my wardrobe too, of pieces that I didn't realize until now that I could probably use in my rotation. A few basics that I'm considering adding include a white button-down shirt and a neutral closed-toe pump. My problem isn't that I shy away from pattern or color, but that I ignore simple basics, probably because before I considered them too boring to buy or worry about. Now I'm realizing they can be important.
3) I really should photograph my purse collection more, because I have liked collecting those in the past. Though I think I would look awkward displaying one on my arm in the photo. Maybe a weekly spotlight on some of my favorite closet things?
4) Many of the dresses I've worn have been a cornucopia of sizes, and most of them fit me quite well. I know it's just a number on a label, and I know a lot of companies offer measurements as well. But I think things would be much, much easier if companies did away with vanity sizing and a universal sizing process was established. It would make in-store and online shopping quicker and more reliable.
5) For the most part, I've been doing really well with letting the dress stand out for itself by wearing neutral pieces with it. I'd like to incorporate more layering into my routine and combine dresses with skirts, shirts and other pieces so that the dress is only a part, but not the whole outfit.

I really like seeing the photos progress in the grid. I feel like I am accomplishing something, and that feels great.

Any thoughts on the Dress Project so far?

Also, just wanted to say that I'm currently having trouble leaving comments on certain blogs, particularly ones that utilize the separate pop-up comment box feature. I don't know why, but my computer freezes up on them and I'm trying to get it corrected. (Don't worry if your blog has this comment feature, it's most likely my computer's fault)  I have been keeping up on my reading list though, and will be back to commenting and responding on your lovely blogs soon!

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  1. i like seeing all your pretty dresses!!

  2. My reflection on your dress project? I find it interesting that so far you've only shown 5 true solid dresses (a couple more read as solid, but it's actually a pattern... at least to me) out of the 16 you have on here today.

    I have the opposite situation. After you started this, I counted and realized that I have 32-34 dresses (technically... some of these dresses were actually dance costumes that I try every once in awhile to wear... but it's hard to get past the "this was once a costume" mindset) and I think only 6, maybe 7 are patterned. Which has its ups and downs... I'm trying to buy more patterns, but since I have 32-34, I don't know if I can justify getting anymore...

  3. Well, I am in love with your dress project! I think we have similar style sense, because the majority of these dresses could have easily ended up in my closet if I had come across them in the store. I adore dresses, but I am not sure I could wear them for 40+ days I really admire you taking on this challenge.

    Do you have any wintery dresses? I have a few sweater dresses in my collection as well as some very summery dresses, so I am not sure the weather would ever cooperate enough for me to wear my dresses consecutively.

  4. I think this project is such a great idea and you look great in every outfit constructed. Keep it up and congrats on not being tempted by shopping for new things. I'm the same as you and shy away from basic pieces because they feel boring, and only interested have I made a conscious effort to get those basics in my wardrobe.

  5. I think you have done a great job with this project and it sounds like you are learning a lot about how to make the most out of what is in your closet.

    Since I gave up shopping for lent (and not entirely successfully, I'll admit) I have realized that I, too, am missing some key items!

  6. I love it all so far! It's so fun to see all of the photos together! Are you planning on keeping all of them when it's over or are you going to make some room for new things?

  7. I love dress number 12 (the blue one)!

  8. I think this is a great project--it's nice to see your collection, but also how you style similar dresses in very different ways. I've never been big into dresses because I always feel like they are too fussy to wear everyday, but you are proving me wrong!

  9. Seeing all your dresses together is so great! I too have found lately that I'm missing some "boring basics" that really add lots to an otherwise colorful wardrobe!

  10. How cool! That is great that the project has helped you. I am the opposite - I buy too many basics and not enough colorful or patterned!

    Enter to win a women's Orient watch!

  11. wow this is awesome. I love seeing them all next to each other in the grid. makes me want to go home and change into a dress :)

  12. Fabolous dresses :D

    CC xXx

  13. I've really enjoyed seeing all your dresses. I don't have nearly that many! I'd love to see your purses too. I've just started aquiring more intersting ones and always forget to picture them too.

  14. I'm really loving your dress project, and it's inspired me to pick up more of my own. I also like to see how dresses can be worn multiple ways too though - like layering with another dress, or as a skirt, or as a top!


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