Monday, August 18, 2014

Orange crush

Hello again! I didn't mean to take such a long break, but life stuff caught up with me, and I spent some time away from photography and things in general that I normally love. But now that I've gone through a few transitions in the last couple months, hopefully that will change and I'll spend a little more time here.

  The biggest life change includes switching jobs. I am now working in cable news research as a digital analyst. I love it. I really ended up enjoying quant/qual research in grad school, and television consumer habits have fascinated me for a while, so I think this role is a perfect fit. I like knowing how people watch their favorite shows they obsess about, and what kind of screens and technology they use to watch. This new job allows for some more schedule stability, which is so welcome, and I love my new team.
 But other than that, things are awesome. Still living in the same apartment in Hell's Kitchen with Jeremiah, and we've just been exploring our city and traveling abroad (namely London again, so I'll have to share pics soon)! These photos are from a recent night out -- we were on our way to dinner and walked by the NYPL so I played tourist for a minute.
  I've missed this blog. I'm not sure if anyone is still reading, but hoping to take baby steps to post more. We'll see. My views have changed a bit on blogging, and I waver back and forth on whether the whole endeavor has been narcissistic and pretentious (I am certainly no expert in fashion or writing). But it's been a fun experiment in photography, and I like having this space as a record of the last few years.

credits - dress: topshop | skeleton key necklace: vintage | shoes: target. photos by jeremiah


  1. Saw you pop up on my blog reader today and realized I missed your photography and pretty dress adventures. Welcome back! Also I miss you IRL - Let's get together next time you're in town. :)

  2. Love this dress and the fab photo backdrop.

  3. Hey! It's good to see you. :)

  4. Aww, thanks Val! Yes, we should definitely do something soon -- I think we'll be headed back in December next! Can't wait to catch up with you -- I definitely want to hear about your dancing adventures! :)

  5. Thanks Vik! I hope you're having a great summer and things are starting well with school again :)

  6. Thanks Char! It's definitely one of my favorite locations in the city.


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