Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Happy Wednesday! I've decided to mix up my content a little bit and start including links to things I've been reading lately -- a smorgasbord of fashion, technology and pop culture. Hope you enjoy!

- Advice to my teen self.
- The Internet is one giant orange.
- Are millennials Generation Nice
- How much $100 is really worth in every U.S. state.
- I love The Billfold's financial essays of how fictional characters may spend their money. Here, a look at Draco Malfoy and his post-Hogwarts life actually makes me feel sympathy for the Slytherin.
- Thinking small when it comes to good deeds.
- The British Library's flicker set is full of beautiful illustrations, maps and more -- perfect time-waster for the design lover or history buff.
- And finally -- rom-com BFFs, ranked.

(photo by me, from Portobello Market-wandering last year)

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