Monday, December 9, 2013

Georgia photo tour with Sunira Photography

Before I left for NYC, I had a chance to spend an awesome day in Athens with my wonderful friend Sunira to take some photos for her photography business. For as long as I've known Sunira, we've bonded over the outdoors and photography (in fact, we found out we both lived in the same town and were photographing the same farm park before I moved away and then met her through a mutual friend). I've always admired that she isn't afraid to get the best creative shot -- even if that means going into the deep woods or climbing over barbed wire to get it. Or doesn't mind when her subject starts to fly away ...

For years, we've talked about doing an epic photo tour of Athens, in which I'd play guide to some of my favorite parts of town, and we'd explore old Southern Gothic ruins together with our cameras. We finally were able to make it happen last spring, and here are some of those photos! We had a chance to explore some places I've captured before -- the Oconee Forest Park, the REM Murmur Trestle, the University of Georgia's north campus, and downtown Athens. We also visited a park I've never gone to before -- Hurricane Shoals Park in Jefferson. That park had a lot of opportunities -- historic buildings and cabins, as well as beautiful fields, a covered bridge and a creek.

Since I've been blogging, I've mostly taken my own photos. While I relish that kind of creative freedom, it can get lonely and scary sometimes going to locations on my own. With Sunira behind the camera, I was able to do some things on my Photography Bucket List that I would have difficulty doing solo (climbing trees, levitating in the air and balancing precariously over streams). Plus, it was great fun to share some of my favorite spots in the world and see them captured with reverence by a friend. Now that I am a few months removed from these photos and have moved away to NYC, I treasure these photos even more as mementos of my time in Athens.

Thanks so much Sunira for a wonderful time! And if you are in the Atlanta/Athens area and need a photographer for your next event(or if you're like me and just want to capture and remember How Things Are Now), I highly recommend Sunira.


  1. Jodi (day2daywear)12/18/2013 1:17 PM

    GORGEOUS photos.. you look awesome!! jodi

  2. ..... I just want entertainment and inspiration, however you want to give it to me. If i just wanted reality and facts, I would open a newspaper...and dont take me wrong, I love reality blogs like for example The DayBook in which she certainly takes pictures of her day to day activities, but she manages to give them a creative touch that makes them more "her style" and that is exactly what i like


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