Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Springing evergreen

Because I've been working from home this month, it's been really tempting the last few days just to stay inside, sleep in my pajamas and rewatch all of "Breaking Bad" before season five premieres in a few weeks. 
I must have been subconsciously thinking about Walter White when I put this outfit on, because I match the  "Breaking Bad" series poster! I've always loved how that show mixes in greens, yellows and browns to show  character development in costume design. 

I've been trying to rewear some older items in my closet recently. This J.Crew dress has been a remix master in my wardrobe for several years now. When I originally bought it, I had no idea how to wear paisley or mix prints. Now I can't stop wearing it.

credits - dress: j.crew (2009) | vest: old navy | shoes: montego bay, handmedowns | frog belt: vintage, won from a giveaway | sunglasses: forever 21.

Here are just some of the many ways I've worn that J. Crew dress:

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