Monday, June 25, 2012

Prep schooled

Growing up, I had to wear a uniform for middle and high school chorus performances. Though a lot of my classmates hated the tucked-in shirts with peter pan collars, cross-ties and pleated skirts, I secretly loved it all (perhaps it was a nod to my newfound love for Britney Spears?). Either way, this is my adult version of that long-gone uniform. I've worn the bowtie as a brooch before, and I like it with the argyle print here.

credits - dress (as skirt): elie tahari, handmedown | argyle vest: arizona jeans co, thrifted | bowtie: vintage, from minx | shoes: born crown.

This pleated Elie Tahari dress was a secondhand item from Jeremiah's aunt. Here are some ways I've worn it before: 

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