Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Second life

So this is what an entirely secondhand outfit looks like. At the end of every school semester, I tend to splurge on myself for finishing another round of classes by buying things I've had my eye on for awhile (a dress here, a purse there). Since there will be four semesters for me this year instead of the usual two, the shopping never really stopped after May. I've gotten into a bad habit of only wearing new things, so I thought I start re-wearing items in my closet that have been neglected because they've lost their new-to-me luster. This entire outfit cost about $12, as all the items are either vintage or thrifted. I like thinking about who owned them before me, and how the items are getting second (or third or fourth) lives with me...

How was your weekend? Jeremiah and I spent some time visiting family for Father's Day. Highlights include lunch with my family, seeing "Prometheus" at a dinner-movie theater and perusing the racks at Forever 21 (there isn't a store in Athens). 

credits - dress: vintage, donna ricco, thrifted | shoes: ipanema, thrifted | bowtie: vintage, from agora.

This dress has been a closet staple since I found it two years ago. See all the ways I've worn it:

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