Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Just passing through

Sometimes when summer's lost its novelty, I like playing tourist in my town. It basically means I wander past my familiar haunts and take my camera to places I haven't visited before or in a while. I spent some time on north campus earlier this week and thought I looked appropriately dressed for an afternoon of picture-taking. Somewhere in our family albums, there are photos of me dressed in the same uniform during trips around the country. Except in this case, I'm traveling to old buildings that have personal history around them too, since I've been in school here for so long.

The first photo was just a fun experiment in Photoshop layering -- I like how it turned out. I really am haunting the old haunts ... or something to that effect!

credits - lace blouse: vintage, from agora (athens, ga) | shorts: walmart | bag: fossil, thrifted |  shoes: born crown| watch: c/o the trendy boutique.

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