Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday, or Dress #34

Dress: Eyeshadow;
Sweater: Ann Taylor Loft;
Bracelet: Finder's Keepers;
Shoes: Zigi Soho.

Just a few pics at my family home for Easter. It was such a good day full of family and old friends, good food and conversation. I stuffed myself with yummy ham, rolls and cobbler...
About the dress. This was originally Nik's dress that she ended up giving me. It's a little big and it has an empire waistline, and while that's good for days of feasting, it's not good if you don't want relatives asking if you're finally going to have kids. So the sweater and belt helped alter it so it defined my natural waistline. 

Family photo time!
Jeremiah, me, Mom

Me, Mom, Nik and Billy

Nik and I matched our colors perfectly without even consulting each other. I'm in awe of how we both got brown, white, yellow and green in our outfits.

How did you spend your weekend?

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  1. What a cute sister photo! Love the color of the dress and, as always, that sweater! It's so gorgeous. Happy Easter!

  2. Really cute look! I love the color palette!

  3. cute family photos! looks like you had a wonderful easter! and I adore your yellow dress! :)

  4. I totally understand your need to keep family from asking questions that they shouldn't.....but I am just curious as to what the dress looked like without the sweater. What are the sleeves like on that dress?

  5. love the yellow dress! its my favorite color this spring! we were out shopping this whole weekend and ate lots of gorgeous food. and guess what? i was wearing yellow too! :)

  6. These pictures are so cute. I love your yellow dress for Easter. Thanks for being so wonderful. I just nominated you for a sunshine award! Come on over and pick it up.

  7. love this! i know i say it all the time but you can never hear too many good things about yourself... you look BEAUTIFUL in those warm, sunny colors! glad you had a great time with your family :)

  8. I see that you come from a family of fantastic smilers! And that buttery yellow is fantastic on you.

  9. I love the family pic. You guys look so adorable in your easter outfits.

  10. watch out JoAnn, Billy's taking your signature pose :)

  11. Aw, looks like you had a lovely Easter! Your family is so cute - I love both yours and your sister's dresses!

  12. What beautiful dresses you and Nik are both wearing!

    Hope you had a good easter weekend??

    Sal xXx

  13. Love your cardigan, so cute!

    Stop by my blog for a full week of giveaways!

  14. these family pictures are so adorable and you're gorgeous in yellow! it's definitely such a perfect color on you.
    and i can't believe you're already on dress number 34!!! that's crazy :D

  15. This is so pretty and sunny, love!

  16. How cute!!! You have such a cute family :)

    I love the yellow dress. So perfect for Easter!

    Enter to win a William Riera dress!

  17. You look so cute here! I love the yellow dress and it looks so spring-y with the white cardi!


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