Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cherry tomato, or Dress #41

Dress: Liz Claiborne, Sym's, NYC;
Bracelet: Aloha Stadium, Honolulu, HI;
Shoes: Target.
How I've worn the shoes before: here.

When I bought this dress a couple years ago during my summer internship in NYC, I had been in the habit of shying away from color. In the conservative office environment, where there weren't many female peers as style examples for what to wear, I didn't want to be the intern to stand out for a sartorial misstep. So I stuck to mostly neutrals and suit/skirts. This dress was the only exception and I wore it on my last day there, and with the happy lunch send-off my co-workers gave me that day, this dress has some good memories attached.
 I don't think I fear wearing this color anymore, and I'm going to find different ways to wear this dress. I love the exuberant red shade and shape, and I love how my Hawaiian bracelet's details are standing out against the dress's backdrop.

In other news, only four more days left in The Dress Project. As you may have known, I've also incorporated a shopping ban through the duration of the Project. While I think I am less likely to shop now just because it's on sale, I do think I want to include some thought-out pieces into my wardrobe for spring. Here are some things in my wardrobe and on my shopping list that I'm ready to wear:

In my closet:
- Lightweight/light-colored pants: I think white jeans or light-colored pants are really fresh for the warm weather, especially paired with a floral or graphic top. Specifically, I've been dying to wear a pair of J. Crew mint/grey pants I thrifted a couple weeks before the Project started.
- Colorful skirts: I tried to incorporate some skirt looks into The Dress Project (see here and here) but of course, there always some that just don't look that great over a shift dress. I'm so ready to wear some bright skirts in florals and Hawaiian prints.
- Dresses (ha!):  Because I'm in the last stretch of the Project, I'm obviously limited in which dresses I can wear. As soon as it's over, I'd like to wear these looks again, which can be found here, here, here, here, here. (March was a really good month for the Project)

To add to my closet:
- Shorts: I want a good pair of sturdy (possibly wool or tweed) shorts that hits my frame in the right place.
- Platform sandals: I've been seeing a lot of bloggers incorporate these into their looks, and I think a few of them would look great with shorts or dresses. I particularly love these from Target and these Urban Outfitters ones that Second Skin recently sported.

What are you ready to wear for spring?


  1. I love that dress on you! what a great color!

    I am picturing you in that dress with an aqua blue cardigan...

    so pretty!!!

    did you ever figure out what was up with the mystery park?

  2. You look fabulous in red! And congrats on making it so far into your project! I would have cracked long ago. I just want to wear what I want on certain days and wouldn't have the discipline.

  3. This dress is so great! It's got a very mod/vintage vibe to it.

  4. The color is awesome, and I could definitely see this being a dress you could make very professional (or not!). I can't believe you're almost done with the dress project! I like the platform sandals from Target you linked to---I saw another pair I loved there this weekend but didn't know how much use I'd get out of heeled sandals. I might reconsider and go for it! At Target prices I'm usually more willing to take a chance...

  5. This might be the best dress yet. I really love the fit, color, and length on you.

  6. What a wonderful colour! And wardrobe planning is so much fun, isn't it? :)

  7. This project has fantastic and I've loved following what you've been doing. Kudos for pushing through!

    On another note this color is fabulous on you!

  8. gor-geous! That fit on you is divine!

    sign me up for tank tops, skirts without tights or hose, and colorful heels!

  9. Four more days? I'm itching to see what you saved for last!

  10. This one looks really beautiful on you!!!!! Really beautiful! (I'm repeating it so you know I'm serious...)
    I can't wait to bust out some funky patterned shorts I bought for $3...

  11. This is a stunner dress and it fits you so well! The pictures are lovely too.
    I'm putting together winter wish lists. I'm still looking for ankle boots, a crisp long sleeve shirt and a soft grey cardigan.

  12. I loved the wedges Second Skin sported. I've added them to my own list since I saw them.

    That dress is such an amazing color, and it looks spectacular on you! I've enjoyed your Dress Project!

  13. That dress is BEAUTIFUL on you - the fit, the color, the style, everything.

    And I love those shoes!

    Polka Dot Biker Shorts

  14. red is TOTALLY your color!!!
    and the changing of the seasons always makes me want to buy a few new things (eeps!)

  15. You have so many beautiful dresses... that red one is a keeper!

  16. That color is amazing on you, and these photos are gorgeous! I love how the red really pops in that field of green clovers! As for spring wardrobe additions, I am hankering for some red sandals and more skirts! Mooooore skirts!

  17. I love, love, love you in red.

  18. That is a great color! Such a classy dress.

  19. This is a great color and I love how you accented it with the torquoise bracelet.

  20. This color is so perfect on you!

  21. I just have to echo what everyone else said: red is fantastic on you. I think it's a great shade on women with dark hair, like yours.

    And the shoes are a great touch!


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