Saturday, April 10, 2010

Blue skies, or Dress #39

Dress: Forever 21;
Sweater: Target;
Camisole: Walmart;
Bracelet: Finder's Keepers;
Shoes: Aerosoles.

Two outfit posts in one day -- yippee. This is what I wore today when Jeremiah and I explored our city a bit more, which culminated in a random trip to Toys R Us to look at the toys we used to love and to see how much they've changed. We're hip like that. Actually, he had to steer me clear of the candy aisle because they had a section devoted to sour candy, which is my weakness...

Sorry for the short post earlier. I knew I was heading out the door so I kinda threw it on the blog and didn't elaborate much on my thoughts on "Date Night." I thought it was pretty funny for the most part and it's actually quite surprising that Tina Fey and Steve Carrell haven't done a movie together before this because they are the funniest people on network television right now. I liked Tina Fey in "Mean Girls," "Baby Mama" and of course, her SNL past,  so I was looking forward to her latest comedy. There are some brilliant moments in this movie that I think will become catchphrases -- or at least, they already have at my house ("That's really great, Jeremy, but I think I'm going to go home now and fart into a box.") I'll admit, some parts were slow, and there's this running gag with Mark Wahlberg's lack of clothing, but I think Fey and Carrell have this great, funny chemistry that makes it all worth it.

About this outfit. This is probably my only Forever 21 piece in my closet. I used to have a lot more, but over the years this is the only thing from the store that has survived many multiple washings and my changing tastes in clothes. I got it when I interned in NYC two years ago. The Forever 21 stores in NYC are way better than the ones in Georgia -- more offerings and more space, but too many crowds. Anyways, the dress has these straps that are thick, but because it's a bit lowcut, I always want to wear a camisole with it. It's got an empire waistline design, which I need to stop buying so many of because I don't think it's the best shape for my body, regardless of what Stacey and Clinton tell everyone. I do like the design, though, and I do think it's a great little dress for spring, so I'm probably going to keep it after The Dress Project is over.

The weather has been amazing the last couple of days. I'm hoping my allergy medicine will hold up against the pollen -- apparently it's the highest count in our area in 10 years. Ridiculous!

Hope you're enjoying your weekend, wherever you are!

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  1. Omg! We're having a high pollen count too here in Sydney, Australia. After recently discovering that I'm highly allergic to pollen it really isn't the best news for me.
    Pretty dress. I'm loving florals at the moment.

  2. It's a beautiful dress. I don't think I own anything from F21 at the moment, because their stuff falls apart really quickly (or at least it used to).

    I have to say that I think this dress flatters your shape beautifully, so I'm not sure you should give up on empire-waisted dresses.

  3. it's a beautiful print, and I really like your shoe pairing with it. I love having jewelry on my feet :o)

  4. Ooooo, those shoes are really cute!

  5. You're so close to the end of your dress count. I'm going to have to go back and admire them all.

    This one is really pretty but what I really love is the SHOES. Awesomeness.

  6. I am shocked that Forever 21 ever sold a dress this long that wasn't a maxi-dress! If you look at their selection now, most of the "dresses" are more like tunics that require something underneath, or not caring about indecent exposure!

    This dress is certainly a gem! I was kind of expecting your dresses to get worse as you neared the end because it would make sense that you would wear all of your favorites first. However, I've been very impressed by your dresses even with so few left to go!

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  8. I love that dress! I was disappointed when you said it's 2 years old...I would have stalked the store to find it.


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