Monday, April 19, 2010

And now for something completely different

Top: Ann Taylor Loft, thrifted;
Pants: J. Crew, thrifted;
Heels: Etienne Aigner.
How I've worn the top before: here.

Thanks for all of your feedback on my last couple of posts. The Project was incredibly fun to do, but it couldn't have gone on the way it did without your interests and support, so thanks, guys.

So, what's new in my life ... I'm wearing pants today! It feels really weird to not type "Dress #X" in the title. It feels really weird to be wearing pants, too. I've missed them a little. I still cannot believe I got through 45 dresses. It makes me feel like a little overexposed, like you all know the cards in my deck after seeing most of the insides of my closet. Promise to still love me, even in pants and skirts and shorts?
About this outfit. Except for the shoes, everything is thrifted. These are the wool pants I was dying to wear during The Dress Project -- they look grey here, but they're actually more of a mint color in real life. I think they're going to get some good use, and they are in great condition considering that I thrifted them.
I made my first purchase today since the shopping ban -- it's the Target heels that I mentioned last week. It was really weird spending money on myself after not doing so for almost two months, but it felt pretty great. It sounds strange, but I think I want to continue the shopping ban for a little while longer. I'm so used to not spending money now that I feel like I don't know any other way. I'm sure this will get broken as time goes on, but I think the Project has made me want to be more frugal. 

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  1. didnt know u had a shopping band too so congrats on that! cute look as always!

  2. Wow so strange to see your outfits with pants too! You look lovely that print suits you so well!

  3. Love the colors/print in the shirt! And I plan to continue reading, even with pants involved. ;) You look great!

  4. the dress project was fun to watch but it is so refreshing to see you in pants! i love this look.

    shopping bans scare me. but i'm essentially on one, anyway, except that i get to buy black things. haha!

  5. yay pants! high five for making it through all your dresses! :)

  6. It's so fantastic seeing you in pants. I loved the dresses on you but pants look just as great.

  7. That is a great style of pants on you!

    Also, I'm thinking about putting my own shopping ban in place. What really inspired you to starts yours, and what tips do you have for making it work and sticking to it?

  8. wow, great outfit! you look pretty and very natural. love the pants and the floral top!

  9. I wish I caught the frugalista fever! You look rockin' in pants and now I'm excited to see your style in all it's freedom to stretch out!

  10. I scrolled won to see pants on you again... it's been a while. They are a lovely colour but I think at heart, we are both dress girls...

  11. I adore the wide legged pants and the neutral tones! look so tall!


  12. nice clothes dear!


  13. I'm new to your blog and just wanted to stop by and let you know how much I like the way you styled this fun outfit!

    Don't you love finding amazing pieces like this at thrift stores? :)


  14. Great pants! I'd love to see that colour of them a little better, it sounds cute!

  15. i love the pants! you look particularly grown up today!

  16. The pants are totally fabulous - great thrifty finds! It's so weird to catch up on your blog and see you in pants now :-)

  17. Eeep trousers :D Good to know you can rock the pants aswell as dresses ;P I joined your blog during the dresses season .. but you look just as great like this!

    Cute top aswell

    Sal xXx


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