Monday, November 5, 2012

The autumnal sun

So these photos were taken a couple weeks ago, just before the cold front and the time change. the leaves are at their peak right now, so it's weird to look at these photos and only see hints of orange and yellow. October to mid-November is my favorite time of year because it's perfect for photography. The weather's temperate, the foliage is colorful, and the lighting just works out well. 

I wore this outfit quite a few times in October — once during an informal class presentation and a few times during hanging out with friends. I've had the scarf for a few years now but never seem to remember to wear it during autumn. 

School continues to stay busy, but I am having fun with my friends.  In the last week we've been to a costume parade, watched all the Halloween episodes of "Community," dissected the cinematography of "No Country for Old Men," and ate a ton of candy and pizza rolls together. 

credits - jacket: aeropostale, thrifted | scarf - vintage, thrifted | skirt , shoes: talbots | bag: h&m. 


  1. oranges_and_apples11/05/2012 1:19 PM

    love the print on the scarf!

  2. I really do love reds on you. Beautiful!

  3. I really need to get out to the Botanical Garden and take some pictures while the leaves are still on the trees! I've been saying I'd go this week, so we'll see! Anyway, I love that scarf you're wearing. It's so perfectly fall! Your skirt is a wonderful color too.


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