Thursday, November 1, 2012


I meant to publish these photos last week, but school and work (and two conferences last week) kept me busy. In addition, I spent the earlier part of this week worrying about Jeremiah up in New York, but he's fine. There wasn't much damage near him and he didn't lose power, but so many areas near him are affected by flooding. Hoping everyone continues to stay safe up there as the northeast rebuilds in the coming weeks and months. 

This is just a uniform I've repeated over the years — bright red sweaters and bowties have become my thing! I'm really liking this one from Madewell. This is my first purchase from them and I really like the design -- there are subtle stars imprinted into the cotton. Madewell essentially has my dream wardrobe and eventually I'd like to fill my closet with the brand's dresses. 

credits - sweater: madewell | bowtie: vintage, from minx (athens, ga) | plaid shirt: arizona jeans co., thrifted | jeans: old navy | shoes: minnetonka moccasins. 


  1. Awesome outfit! And I love the pics:)

  2. Aw your red sweater is so cute with the bowtie! I love how bright and cheerful this sweater is and it looks really great layered over the plaid top.


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