Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Real self vs. Blog self

So lately more people in my graduate program are finding out about my blog. I'm in a program where social media skills are a huge asset to classwork and to professional experience, and sometimes we talk about blogging in class, so sometimes I mention my blog and my experiences in the fashion blogging community. When I started graduate school, I originally thought I'd keep this hobby under wraps -- after all, it seems to be a common theme in fashion blogging to be discreet with real-life companions because fashion can sometimes be seen as too trivial or shallow or narcissistic in professional settings (okay, maybe these were most of my fears about sharing within my academic circle, all fears that I'm slowly trying to quell).

Blogging has become a big deal in my program and in the industry, and we talk quite a bit about personal branding and online identities in class, and it's interesting because the blogosphere always deals with these themes. 

My real, tangible identity and blog identity are merging as more of my professors and fellow graduate classmates find out about this blog. I'm not quite sure how I feel about it -- it's a bit relieving to finally feel like I can open up about my hobby, but a bit unnerving that I now know more of my audience in real life. It's also made me hyper-conscious of these identities I've balanced for the last couple years, and whether it's possible to really portray more reality on a blog, and whether identity really matters.

I guess what I'm trying to say is: If you're my classmate or my professor, hi, welcome. I take photos of my outfits in front of pretty landscapes and sometimes wonder (navel-gaze) too much about  existential blogging identity issues.

I've written before about online identity and online relationships, but I wonder how many of you have dealt with sharing your blog experiences with your real-life friends/family/work? If you have shared with others in your real life, what made you choose to do so?

credits- sweater, skirt: talbots | shirt: arizona jeans co, thrifted | boots: tj maxx | watch: waltham, vintage, heirloom.

P.S. Speaking of online behavior, my class is researching social media. If you have a few moments to take our short survey, we'd love your insights!


  1. Most of my real life friends don't know about my blog and I am fine with that. I feel like a lot of people who don't blog themselves or read blogs don't really "get it." They either don't take it seriously or read into it too much. Yeah, style blogging is frivolous but there's also a community of real life people behind it.

  2. 1. I loooove your cardi and those boots! The whole outfit is super cute on you.

    2. All of my facebook friends know about my blog, meaning most if not all of my RL friends. Also everyone who follows me on twitter, naturally. But at work I haven't brought it up yet, and at my old job I was so embarrassed when people found out about it! Which is silly, but idk... it's embarrassing to tell people that you stand around posing in your outfits everyday. Still, nobody made fun of me and everyone likes it so far, so yay! It is hard sometimes to tell people about it, or know how to react when they find out on their own. >__<

  3. VERY interesting. Blogging is treated so differently by all of us. I think that is because we all do it for different reasons. Personally, I like some measure of anonymity but not everyone does. You go girl!

  4. thriftyschoolmarm11/14/2012 6:51 PM

    I was just thinking about this today as I sacrificed daylight and a potentially viable outfit photo to not have to take it in front of a friend (who already knows about my blog). Even taking outfit shots in my classroom feels scandalous sometimes. I guess if you're big time you get over it, but I'm still self-conscious about my online identity and my real life.

  5. I am in the same exact boat right now. I think more and more real life people are finding out about my blog and I'm not sure how I feel about it. It's not that I'm embarrassed about it, but it's so much easier to keep real life and blog life separate. Non-bloggers don't really understand blogging. It's still awkward when people are like, "yeah I saw this and this on your blog!" Plus it's hard to decide how much to share on the blog. I'm always scared I'm going to try to get a job and the employer will find my blog even though there's nothing on mine that I wouldn't want people to know. Oh the woes of a blogger haha.

  6. This was something I struggled with a fair amount when I blogged at FA, but now I have a much smaller readership and mostly blog about other things. To my knowledge none of my current colleagues know about my blog. Some disciplines would be more open to this kind of thing than others, but I try not to air any grievances on my blog or talk in specific ways about any of my students or colleagues, just in case.

  7. I like your outfit, especially the necklace. So pretty with the trees. Everyone has different sides to them, or identities, that they share with different people in real life or online. The more sides/identities you share, the more people learn things about you, so I think it's a matter of how comfortable you are with letting people know the "blog side" of you. But I wouldn't be embarrassed- your blog is kickass.
    love, your irl friend ^_^

  8. Jodi (day2daywear)11/15/2012 8:34 PM

    LOL, only a few of my real friends know about my blog.. they are the ones interested in photography and or fashion, or the ones who have little fashion sense and hope I can help them out abit.. not that I am much better than they are :)

  9. For me, no one who finds out I have a blog is in the least bit
    surprised, because it's just who I am as well. I have heard that I sound
    different when typing, however, which is about as close as I get to a
    split between my blog self and real self. It's not necessarily that I
    have different sides to me, but I think that I have the kind of
    personality where anything that involves creativity seems to be
    expected. More people are surprised that I study cognitive science and
    not costume design or fashion marketing/fashion design.

    your skirt is really cute, and I love how the rainboots blend in to the
    look instead of sticking out like a sore thumb (sometimes people throw
    on rainboots that ruin a great outfit just because they don't match
    aesthetically, but they want to be prepped for the weather).

    ♥, Khadijat

  10. Well you know I about died when my family found out. Luckily, the majority of my IRL friends have no idea I blog. They probably wouldn't be surprised by it, but it's still not something I publicize. Hope you are having fun in NYC!!

  11. JoAnn -

    I love this post especially as it's been something I've been coming to terms with lately (this last week in fact!). Not to plug my own blog, but this is the post that started me on this journey ( Prior to writing this post it was only a select few of my friends and family that actually knew I had a fashion blog, as I, like you, had a difficult coming to terms with actually knowing the people who read my blog.

    After writing my "Am I Too Fat?" post I shared it with my friends and family and received an overwhelmingly positive response. It was an incredible feeling to have so much support not just in regards to the nasty comment, but to my blog in general. I'm sure you are experiencing the same thing, and I'm sure you will find that many of your friends, colleagues, and classmates are incredibly supportive of you and your blog as well!

    It's refreshing to see a fashion blogger with "depth". I love your blog and your style. You've got a new followers!



  12. A really interesting text! The majority of people in my hometown know about my blog, which I'm not sure how I feel about. At first I was as skeptic as you, but then I realized it's not that big of a deal - I'm a personal style blogger, I study fashion design, and that's the subject I have a wide knowledge about. Plus I get a lot of compliments from the friends of my friends on my photography and style, so to me it's kind of a positive thing :) Just be true to yourself, with just the right amount of details shared, and you'll be fine :) Kisses from xx

  13. i totally know what you mean. i'm a PR major and blogging is encouraged by our professors, and slowly but surely i open up and say that i have a blog. my family still doesn't know about it, and once my peers find out instead of being judged i actually find out that they end up being some of my biggest fans! so i'm trying to be more open about my blogging.

  14. I figured you might be in a similar position as me with blogging because of academics. I agree that keeping blog and non-blog worlds separate is easier :) Hope you're doing well!

  15. Thanks! Now that you're blogging about library things, do you think you'll eventually share with your colleagues?

  16. Thanks, friend :) I'm glad I eventually told you even though I was scared to at first.


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