Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The island of lost outfit photos

I'm back from NYC from a wonderful change-of-pace Thanksgiving and I'm slowly sifting through travel photos. Today as I catch up on schoolwork and finals prep, I thought I'd share some outfit photos that have been sitting on the backburner this fall. It's been really cold lately so I've only been taking a handful of photos per outing, and these are the best of the bunch.

outfit 1: sweater, pants, flats: talbots | blouse: agora | bowtie: minx.

I bought these plaid pants a couple weeks ago from the Talbots Outlet near my old home, and I really love them. They remind me of an outfit Betty wore on season 3 of "Mad Men." I usually don't like looking super costume-y with vintage pieces, but I decided to just go for it and wear a bowtie and lace blouse too. I felt like Nancy Drew all day.

I feel like I look slightly derpy and dead-eyed in this photo -- there were several runners in the area when I took these photos so I had to be super quick.
outfit 2: blouse: target |  skirt: thrifted | purse: stone mountain, thrifted| flats: talbots.

I thrifted this skirt a while ago over the summer. Worn for a day of vintage-browsing around town. I miss being able to go tights-less.

outfit 3: dress: in roads, from agora | bag: stone mountain|, thrifted | belt: banana republic, gift | flats: talbots.

A favorite dress for all year and an old bag that's become my go-to because it fits my new camera. I swear this blog hasn't become an ad for Talbots -- the outlets sales were too good this fall and I scooped up a few separates. 
outfit 4: sweater, flats: talbots | jeans: old navy| hat: ralph lauren| t-shirt: from grand canyon. 

This outfit is a weird anomaly for so many reasons: I never wear hats, I rarely wear jeans, and I usually pick complementary color schemes. The hat is a recent addition because I'm trying to become a 'hat person' so I can brace myself for Northern winters (insert 10 million 'Game of Thrones' jokes here). This t-shirt is so old, the Grand Canyon map print is pretty faded, but I love it because it used to belong to my dad. 

outfit 5: dress: macy's | sweater: talbots | shoes: vintage, hand-me-downs. 

I don't photograph this old dress as often as I wear it, but it's been a good staple for the last four or five years. I recently wore it to my first tango lesson and milonga dance party with my friends Val and Sam (skilled dancers, excellent brunch hosts). The shoes are a thrift find from J's mom. I'll have to get a closeup photo of them soon, but they're kind of witchy (perfect for autumn). This photo was snapped shortly after a bang trim. I'm still trying to do a variation of Rooney Mara's blunt bangs.

Thanks for being awesome and continuing to read as I slug my way through photography this semester. I should be back up to speed later this week!


  1. oranges_and_apples11/27/2012 11:15 AM

    the first outfit is AWESOME!

  2. Gahh, the first two outfits are kILLING me!! That maxi skirt! THOSE PANS AND THAT BOW TIE. Girl I wanna be as cool as you.

  3. Love each of these looks!! :) Hope you had fun in NYC!! I've booked flights and our hotel and purchased show tickets... I'm strangely excited for a trip that's not happening until February!

  4. I love them all but my favorite is #1 and #5! Those plaid pants you bought are absolutely fantastic. I've been admiring plaid pants lately for whatever reason, but haven't come across a pair. Maybe someday!


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