Monday, January 30, 2012

Eagle wings

 Dress: J. Crew, Plaid shirt: Gap; Green blouse: LEI; Boots, tights: Target; 
Belt: from camp years ago; Eagle necklace: vintage; Ring: Gift from mom;
 Bag: thrift find; Coat: H&M, thrifted.

It's a bit eerie going to the park during winter mornings because it's so, so quiet. Occasionally, I'll hear a twig snap or some rustling in the distance and I always fear that I'll turn around and get ambushed by someone's dogs. No egrets or ducks this morning, though I know they've been around this winter.

I celebrated my return to picture-taking by doing one of my favorite things: matching my surroundings. The blouse and accessories are new, and were enough to help reinvigorate this old dress. I've never worn this dress with this yellow plaid blouse because it seemed to be too match-y, but I like them with the buffer of the green blouse.

Off to another week! Mine will be spent writing reports, analyzing  movies (for class), and studying up on Oscar trivia...

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