Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Shoes: Minnetonka; Blouse: Thrifted; 
Sweater: Found at summer camp years ago; 
Pants: J. McLaughlin, salvaged from Aunt P.; Necklace: Forever 21.  

There once was a girl who tried to take photos. Who loved the outdoors so much, even though her alarm clock and sleep rhythms told her otherwise. Whose beloved sweater, with its nubby, warm cotton threads, was supposed to act as a barrier to all things cold. I defy you, winter! It seemed to say. If sweaters could talk.

And ... no. The girl then promptly went back inside because it was so cold her tripod froze on her. No joke. The legs got stuck and would not close. And then she had to awkwardly carry a four-foot-tall tripod through the park, scaring small dogs and people who passed her on the trails.

Sigh. At least the lake was pretty.

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