Sunday, January 29, 2012

Refresh, refresh

I have tried writing this post three different times this week and every time I've stopped short. I've no doubt been really quiet on the blog the last couple weeks, and there have been several small reasons why -- school started back up, and my birthday came up, and generally everything schedule-wise has been very chaotic.

And there's been one bigger reason why too, I suppose. My longtime professor and mentor passed away a couple weeks ago, and it's been really difficult losing the person who's helped guide me through my career and graduate school ambitions. And I'm not the only one. In his long, long career, my professor affected thousands of students as a trusted teacher, mentor, friend (and to some, a surrogate father), and it has not been easy to walk by his office and know that he'll never be in there again. He was a true gentleman, and a person of deep consequence.

I suppose with everything that's happened the last couple weeks, I've been especially pensive about what I write, and whether I've been doing it effectively, and well. Of course that is all up to how I define those terms, and for a while I didn't think I was going anywhere with this blog, and wasn't sure where to continue, or if I should. I had this weird impulse to make things with my hands, and so I've spent the last week painting sketchpads and fixing broken things around the house. 

It's been deeply satisfying. And doing those things have made me realize how much I do enjoy having this creative space, and how I want to get back into the blogging grind.  I'll be back here, slowly and surely, and I may expand the things I post here beyond outfits -- drawings, art, more photography, etc. 

So I guess what I am saying is thank you for your emails and comments around here and on twitter. They've meant the world to me, and have made me feel very lucky and grateful to be a part of this community. It's good to be back.

*photo from my cruise -- somewhere around Mexico.

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