Monday, April 4, 2011

Inspiration: Superheroes

I'm no Superman -- (although an aspiring Batman is another story) -- but I have been finding a lot of sartorial cues from comic book heroes lately, with their penchant for primary colors and bold accessories. Below, a collection of items I own that make me want to channel my inner heroine:

 Above is my Wonder Woman notebook, a small birthday present from Jeremiah. I jot down a lot of blog ideas in it. I love the primary colors used in it, and it makes me want to wear bright gold jewelry and own a lasso of truth. I'm not the only one drawing inspiration from Wonder Woman this spring -- MAC is releasing a line of makeup based around the superheroine.

An old Mickey Mouse watch that I used to wear during summer camp. The wristband is made to look like a paved road.

I like keeping old letters in my Spidey lunchbox.  I'd definitely should actually carry this for lunch sometime.

And finally, a new animal mask as a teaser for an upcoming photoshoot.

Where are you drawing inspiration from lately?

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