Friday, April 22, 2011

Condemned to repeat it

 Skirt: Liz Claiborne, vintage, thrifted; Heels: Bongo, thrifted;
 Blouse: NY& Co.; Bracelet: Kohls; Bag: thrifted. 

I wore almost this exact outfit six months ago and it feels just as relevant to fall weather as it does to spring. Sometimes it's nice to repeat an outfit that you know is just going to work no matter what, and I'm a big fan of the high-waisted silhouette these days.

My picture plans were nearly foiled by a biology class taking measurements by the creek. I've run into many university biology classes these past few months, and often I have to change my photo plans (or not take them at all) because the students are on the shore line or right where I had envisioned where I would do my shoot. And let's face it, it's a little awkward being overdressed and taking photos near an audience of 30 pairs of eyes. Not this week. I felt a little bolder and decided not to repeat this cycle of giving up photography in the spot I wanted. As soon as I saw the crowd of students clad in rainboots and  assessing their gear in the parking lot, I high-tailed it to the creek and did quite possibly the world's fastest photo shoot. Despite the buckets of creek sludge they brought back to their labs, I'm sure in my five-inch heels I was the most unexpected specimen they saw that day on the shore.

Happy weekend! Friday finds will be up later this afternoon.

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