Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Black and white and red all over

Dress (as skirt): Elie Tahari, salvaged from Aunt P.;
Gingham wool blouse: vintage, thrifted; Belt: Loft;
Cougar bracelet: vintage, thrifted, Finders Keepers;
Shoes: Clarks; Ostrich purse: vintage, from Agora (Athens, Ga.).

I've been on the hunt for more pleated skirts recently -- I love that they're coming back into style. I'm not sure  that I'm totally in love with this particular look -- something about where the blouse hits on my frame makes it look boxy with the skirt. Oh, well -- this is all about experimentation, right? Since getting this dress from Aunt P., it's mostly worked as a layering piece with other parts of my wardrobe. I plan on showcasing it all alone this summer when the weather is warmer -- it's really a  beautiful piece on its own. 

My allergies have been really bothersome this season, and it's made it difficult to want to go out into the forest and take photos. They weren't as bad last year, but since moving back to Athens, where there are more forests/greenery, has made me feel like a walking sneeze.  Do any of you have allergies, and how are you dealing? 

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