Thursday, July 12, 2012

What kind of bird are you?

I saw "Moonrise Kingdom" last week and I am hard-pressed to think of anything I didn't like in it. The sweet storyline, cast, vintage aesthetics and soundtrack were perfect, and this may be my favorite Wes Anderson film (not an easy thing for me to say, because I admire all of his work). Perhaps my favorite parts of the movie include the scenes at the Boy Scout camp. As a former Boy Scout camp counselor, I thought the cinematography during these scenes caught the outdoor orderliness of camp life well, and some of the compositions seemed inspired by Norman Rockwell paintings of BSA life

When it's humid outside, my thoughts often linger on those strange and wonderful summer months I spent in the mountains teaching aspiring Eagle Scouts how to pitch tents, build fires and work compasses, all while hanging out with the coolest staff. My friend Viktoria has been feeling nostalgic for those summer days too and recently wrote about our time at camp (check out a photo of us in uniform here). As some of the only girls on staff (let alone in the entire camp), we were mini-celebrities, which came with its pitfalls (imagine getting noticed and pranked quite a bit). But Vik sums it up well: "It was never easy to being a girl at Boy Scout camp, but it was always, always worth it."

This outfit is not only a nod to "Moonrise Kingdom," but also a personal tribute to that seminal time in my teenage life.

credits - blouse: spenser jeremy, thrifted, vintage | shorts: walmart | belt: from camp | necklace: vintage, from minx| shoes: born crown.

I've written about camp before, but this is probably my favorite post on it.

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