Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Art of the matter

There are some clothing items that feel like they could be on display in a museum if they didn't already belong in a closet. This thrift dress is quickly becoming a summer favorite and every time I wear it, I feel like I'm a walking display of expressionist art. I've only worn it with simple accessories to downplay its ostentatious nature -- how would you wear it?

These photos were taken on an impromptu trip downtown with Jeremiah. With my research class this month, it feels like I haven't had that much of a summer break, and I sometimes have to force myself out of the house.Too often in grad school, conversation can turn to who has the busiest schedule or the hardest workload, and I've been trying to break free of that by actually trying to have fun outside of class. Since I've started caring about getting more out of my free time, I've watched a few movies, been to an ice cream party, and gone exploring downtown. I may not "win" for having the biggest workload this week, but who cares?

credits - dress: marnie west, thrifted, vintage | shoes: miss trish of capri| bracelet: from aloha stadium in hawaii | bag: fossil, thrifted.
* photos by Jeremiah.

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