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9 best places to shop for Athens, GA fashion

Though Athens is more known for its music scene, the town has its own artsy culture that makes shopping around here memorable. After being asked by some grad school friends about where to shop, I pulled together a list of my favorite places in the Classic City from 6+ years of living and experiencing Athens. Whether it's a quirky locally-owned boutique or a megachain thrift store, there are tons of treasures to be found around here:

minx vintage (166 w. clayton street): I absolutely love this store. It's very well organized and the prices are decent. Lots of 1940s - 1980s clothing. They also have discounted stuff in the back (50% and $5 bin). Their jewelry is really pretty too in the front. Here are some items I've worn before that are from Minx.

agora (260 w. clayton street): This place is where I take out-of-town friends to visit, because it's like an amusement park for vintage because it's so huge. Not only will you find tons of clothes, but there are so many housewares, knickknacks and furniture that you could spend all day in Agora and still not see everything. The owner, Airee, is super nice and very knowledgeable about everything in the store (not a small feat!). Here are some pieces I've previously bought from Agora.

junkman's daughter brother (458 e. clayton street): Another place to visit with out-of-towners. This store has everything -- fun gag gifts, music memorabilia, candy. A fun place to shop when you don't know what to get someone.  I really like going up to the second floor and looking at the band t-shirt collection. 

cheeky peach (269 north hull street): If I could, I'd buy everything in my size at this store. This store has more contemporary fashions that are on-trend but seem to have staying power -- ikat designs, lace blouses, fun jewelry. I love looking at their accessories table, where a lot of local designers are featured. Check out their lookbook here.

cillie's clothing (175 e. clayton street): This place has secondhand and vintage clothing. Lots of clothing is still on trend, but a lot of it is mall stuff/semiformal that would be a good option if you  have a wedding/formal to go to. You may find some good deals, especially on sundresses -- they seem to have a ton everytime I go. 

dynamite clothing (143 n. jackson street): I have been going to Dynamite even before it was in this location (it used to be Uncle Albert's Vintage). You can find accessories (in the front) and home goods (in the back) for pretty good deals. I've done more than my fair share of Christmas shopping here because they have cute knickknacks and accessories that make great stocking stuffers.

five points
suska (1664 s. lumpkin street): This place isn't vintage, but it is upscale secondhand. They do have an excellent eye and it is worth looking to see if you can get any designer deals. I got an Akris Punto dress there for my college graduation at like 95% off in fantastic shape.

detour: Head to hodgson's pharmacy (1260 s. milledge avenue) for an ice cream cone or soda from their old-fashioned soda fountain counter. Cheap, super-delicious and fun to do.

west side
america's thrift stores (3190 atlanta highway): They have a ton of women's clothing and accessories, and tons of vintage if you are willing to look closely. They also have crazy discounts dictated by color -- I think it's like 30%, 50% and 70%. It's basically free. It's good to go if you have an hour or so. They also have an awesome collection of old National Geographics. One downside: they don't have dressing rooms, so you'll have to either eyeball and just buy it, or try items on over your clothes in the aisles. Some recent finds for me include this sweater vest and this silk vintage dress
goodwill (10 huntington road): They do have a great dress collection. If you need furniture, don't look on a weekend day -- a lot of it's scooped up by mid-afternoon. I think vintage resellers look at this particular store often because there's not a lot of vintage stuff here, but because this is a college town, you can find some stuff that's still on trend in clothing. 

what are your favorite places to shop around your town?

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