Monday, July 2, 2012

Cotton candy

When Sway Chic, a California boutique line, contacted me about featuring one of their dresses, I had fun  perusing their quirky assortment of clothing and accessories that can be described as vintage with an easygoing West Coast vibe. Too often when shopping online it's hard to find vintage-style clothing at moderate prices, but Sway Chic provides an anecdote to that with an array of beautiful blouses, dresses and jackets that are inspired from previous eras but don't require decades of preservation. I ultimately chose the confectionery Sweet Pea dress, and it seemed like a perfect fit with the floral wreath I made a few weeks ago. Sway Chic is currently having a July 4th sale, so check it out -- I'm a fan of the animal print blouses and lace dresses (surprise, surprise).

credits - dress: c/o Sway Chic| floral wreath: diy (here's a tutorial)| shoes: Born Crown. 

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