Monday, July 11, 2011

Light of Venus

 Dress: Body Central; Sandals: Miss Trish of Capri for Target; Wreath: Self-made.

My absence from the Internet was unplanned but enjoyable. With my busy work/weekend schedule, as well as the oppressive heat, I've been spending my precious free time holed away in chilly hideouts -- namely, my apartment, the pool and the bookstore. In this downtime, Jeremiah and I have been running through the entire series of "Breaking Bad" (any fans out there?) before the fourth season premiere next week, and we're also making a lot of our own homemade popsicles (freeze Crystal Lite into shot glasses with a popsicle stick). So really, I've been thoroughly enjoying this time away.

I've been inspired to take more photos and have been reading a lot of photography books lately at the bookstore -- mainly works here and there about composition and lighting. I've got personal projects I'd love to complete before the summer is over, so I've been inspired in those ways to go to certain locations. But whatever I've gained in inspiration for photography, I've lost in my creativity with my own wardrobe. With the hot-sticky-grossness of being outside most afternoons, I have only worn about three or four different things in the last two weeks. I wore this outfit last week to a birthday party, and have repeated it a couple times since. I love the bright print paired with the floral wreath, which has increasingly become my accessory for the summer. I went out during dusk last night to take these photos to get my creative muscle going again and to get into the habit of taking photos in the afternoon (something I've shied away from since spring with the locust-like crowds descending on the park). I'm really glad I did, because the light was incredible and perfect, and made everything and everyone look like a Botticelli muse.

What accessories have you been loving this summer? 

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