Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Met life

A few years ago, Jeremiah and I visited the Met during a trip to NYC shortly after our honeymoon. Unsuccessful at finding an apartment (and realizing that the permanent move to NYC would take some more financial planning on our part), we went to the Met to buoy our spirits one last time before we flew back to Georgia. It was kind of a bummer visit, walking by the Egyptian artifacts and mummies, being newly married and overwhelmed and not totally sure of where we were going to live.  
  But now that we've been living up here for a couple years now, it seemed appropriate to visit the Met again and get rid of whatever negative memories we had associated with it. As you can see from the above, I had fun reenacting one of my favorite scenes from When Harry Met Sally in the temple room. Jeremiah really loved checking out the weaponry section, while I loved the photography exhibit, though I wish it was more expanded. People-watching at museums is always fun, too.There were quite a few people carrying monopods to take selfies with their phones, which has to be a thing at major tourist destinations (like the Eiffel Tower or the pyramids). I don't mean this in a facetious way, but perhaps one day in the Met, on a floor between the Egyptian mummies and the European paintings, there will be a nostalgia-inducing photography exhibit showcasing old Instagram filters and selfies and how democratized art has become. Gone are the days when an artist would need a wealthy patron or sophisticated tools to create art.

Anyways, enough of me waxing on the flattening of art and technology, more pictures below:

credits - dress, 1940s vintage, from portobello road (essentially this outfit repeated, because this dress is perfect and doesn't need anything else really)


  1. What a cool place and you look adorable too!

  2. Oh, I'd love to visit the Met one day - and NYC.

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