Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Bethesda Arcade

 I have a confession to make -- I've been somewhat gun-shy of taking my own photos in the city, for a whole slew of reasons: pedestrian traffic, little to no privacy, my tripod getting knocked down, getting ticketed for not having a photography permit in the park (technically if you're a non-commercial photographer, you don't need a permit, but I've heard of it happening enough times to hobby photographers to dissuade me). But the weather's been nice, and I've been inspired by so many portraiture projects that I've been itching to play with my camera again and new Gorillapod. After months of not taking any photos, I'm really quite rusty with the new Gorillapod setup and having to remember all the settings on my camera. So these were the best of the bunch on a morning walk through the Bethesda arcade and fountain in Central Park. The arcade area is often used as a filming location for television and movies, so this felt like a personal triumph being able to compose these shots on my own. My favorite time though had to be walking home. I don't think there's anything nicer than walking home through Central Park in the early morning, crunching on leaves and watching the sun come up.

I got this dress in London at Primark for a steal, and it's been on a few tourist adventures with me already (namely, a solo bus tour I took to Stonehenge, Oxford, and Windsor Palace). It's got a roomy waist, so it's a perfect eating dress, and with a blazer it can be dressed up for a casual Friday.

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  1. A permit for photographers in the park? That's crazy! I had no idea.

  2. Ahh, apologies, I should have specified a little better: if you have a tripod and are a commercial photographer/videographer, you need a permit to shoot in the park. If you have a tripod and are just doing photography for fun, you don't need one. But: I've read a lot of photo forums of photographers getting ticketed because somehow having a tripod = looking professional. Usually the ticket doesn't stand up in court, but the whole process just sounds exhausting for a few photos. Which is why I got a Gorillapod because it's smaller and less obvious.

  3. Walking through Central Park sounds amazing. I love how these pictures turned out, but I understand the fears of the tripod being knocked over or something. Or pedestrians being annoying.


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