Monday, October 14, 2013

What stays and what fades away

I took these photos in April, and have purposely avoided posting them all this time because looking at those rural landscapes behind my body makes me a bit sad. I'm glad that I live in New York now, but I do miss my old photo spots, like Watson Mill Bridge. Picking up my camera while in London and using it regularly reinvigorated me. I'm not sure what it means for this blog, and I do not mean to have a slow obnoxious existential death of it, but I really truly miss the challenges of self-portraiture outdoors.   

I've never really worn this dress in any spectacular exciting ways; the bright color and sailboat applique just scream for it to be worn with minimal additions. My eagle necklace, which I've shared here before, is a tribute to my dad, who used to photograph eagles and other wildlife when he was in the Navy. It reminds me of family whenever I wear it.

The last two shots of me are kinda funny to see now that I'm six months removed from when they were photographed. I went through a phase earlier this year of taking portraits of the back of my head, as if I was journeying toward something off-camera. The composition of the last shot took forever, as I had to position myself between the boats before my timer went off, all while trying to avoid the bugs and snakes near the water's edge (sorry Mom if you're reading this).

credits - dress and necklace: vintage, both from minx (athens, ga) | shoes: target

(here and here are my favorite past outfits featuring this dress)

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