Monday, October 22, 2012

Meet me on Broad Street

Last week Jeremiah came to visit me in Athens! We've been living apart for about a month at a time since he moved away for work — enough time to establish our own routines in living alone — that it was so nice to see him and go back to our usual haunts. Namely, eating pizza downtown. He was kind enough to snap some outfit photos for me by my favorite red wall. He's usually very camera-shy, but he let me take some photos of him too.

School is good! I'm doing some freelance projects this week, but I'm trying to get back into a normal schedule with blogging and keeping track of outfits. Since I got this skirt a couple weeks ago, I think I've worn it an average of three times a week. It's the perfect color for fall, and I'm loving it with different shades of green.

credits - blouse: gap | skirt, shoes: talbots outlet | bag: fossil, thrifted | bracelet: aloha stadium, hawaii.

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