Thursday, October 4, 2012

Elementary wish fulfillment

When I was seven or so, I think my favorite color changed constantly, but for about a two-month stretch, pink and purple were my favorite combination. My obsession  with the two colors found its way in my clothing and art projects, and eventually culminated in the purchase of pink/purple sneakers that I am convinced were the Greatest Shoes I Have Ever Owned. They not only featured the pre-requisite 1990s velcro/zipper combination, but also lit up and made noises whenever I took a step. If Carrie Bradshaw was in my second grade class, she would have tried to steal my shoes. 

So when I acquired this new-to-me sweater (another hand-me-down from J's fashionable Aunt P), I think of second grade, when something as simple as wearing your two favorite colors was enough to brighten your day.

credits - dress: ariella | sweater: christopher fisher | sandals: miss trish of capri. 

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  1. Beautiful - your second grade self would be proud!! :D

    Sal x


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