Saturday, September 14, 2013

Comeback kid

I didn't mean to be gone for so long. So this is hello again.

My life has completely changed since moving up here. All in good ways, of course. I'm working fulltime for an agency, working long hours but learning a lot about television and media buying. I'm making new friends, and count my lucky stars that some of my old ones from Georgia have made the move up here too for their careers. Jeremiah and I live in the same apartment now (the first time in a year after our long-distance relationship), and I'm having fun setting up our home. By all accounts, life is turning up.

But moving up here has put a damper on my photography, at least for this blog. It's been almost impossible to do self portraiture the way I did before, as the streets and areas near me are very, very busy, and I'll have to get over my fears of being around other people while I engage in this hobby.

I'm also ... I'm not entirely sure how to phrase this next part. Maybe it's because I had to decimate my wardrobe for the move, or my fluctuations in weight, or perhaps its a general apathy toward fashion blogging and gluttonous consumerism, but I haven't been interested in photographing my daily outfits. Though if I am honest with myself, outfit photos haven't been a priority in the last year of blogging, as I've tried to step up my self portraiture photography in general, aiming more for composition and lighting rather than showcasing outfit details here and there. 

So I'm not sure what this really means. I still do enjoy self portraiture photography, and like being able to put myself through different feats as a photographer/model/editor, and want to continue that. I'm just stumbling on how to do that here. 

In the meantime, I still have a few photos from this summer, and a few scraps left over from Georgia that I'll share soon. 

Hello again. 

I've missed you.

*photo by Jeremiah from a weekend trip to Vermont

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  1. I'm so glad things are going well for you up in New York! Your new job sounds really interesting too, even with the long hours. I definitely understand how taking pictures of yourself could be hard in New York. I hope you figure out where to take this blog and find time to take more pictures. I'm sure you will!


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