Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Look how they shine for you

The last couple weeks have been such a whirlwind of activity with me starting school and J moving for work. I spent three weekends up in NYC this month helping J find a place and get settled in to his (our!) new apartment up there. Now that I'm back down south, I'm readjusting to a routine of school, work, internship and photography. I have so many NYC photos to sift through and I'll be sharing those soon! 

I actually took these photos about a month ago, but I've been wearing this same uniform of button-up shirt/shorts for a while so it's still relevant to my wardrobe. Maybe it's some weird mixture of watching "Breaking Bad" and pining for summer camp that's made me wear so much yellow and green this summer.  

credits - blouse: gap | shorts: walmart | belt: camp | sandals: miss trish of capri | bowtie: agora.

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