Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The trials of photo-taking in public places

Dress: Giorgio Kauten, thrifted; Sweater: Loft; 
Watch necklace: Waltham pocket watch, heirloom (read story here);
Boots, tights: Target.

It had been raining for a week straight here, so over the weekend I was determined to take sunrise photos on Sunday, early time and chilly temperatures be damned. When I drove close to my usual park, I saw that police had cordoned the stretch of highway my park was at to let a mass of cyclists ride on the road. I thought the cyclists were part of a trial run for an upcoming bike race that's in Athens every spring, so I decided to wait another hour or so and I would try to get into my park at another entrance.

A while later, I enter my park from another entrance, and though there are police cars nearby, I have no problem getting into the parking lot and driving down the lane to the park. I'm not doing anything wrong at all, I thought, and look there are other people here early this morning too!

And there were. Lots of them. Running. And some in bathing suits. Bathing suits?

The two situations were not isolated. The cyclists and the runners were part of one big event, and somehow I had managed to drive right onto the course for a triathlon. I drove through a triathlon. 

When I got to the parking lot, I was soon trapped because the runners were using the only way out of the park as the course, and I didn't want to screw up their running times by driving on the course again. So I quietly went into the park, shot some photos. And while there, I found out from a nice girl in the parking lot it was the first time there was a triathlon of this kind in town, which may explain why there were no signs around the park publicizing it.  Then I sat in my car very awkwardly for 30 minutes until I could exit the course without running any errant joggers over with my car. All the while thinking that I had probably gone insane, going through all of this trouble on a weekend to snap the two photos above. 

I am sure there are many lessons here, and they may involve checking park schedules and knowing that a public place, no matter how many times you may visit it, never really belongs to you and can be converted on a whim to suit public needs. And uh, being sane enough to know when to sleep in.

I actually  have had this vintage Giorgio Kauten dress for a couple years, and have only worn it a couple times. Any ideas of how to style mint green? Here's how I've worn this dress before:

Back at my old farm park location a couple years ago.

Have you had any awkward photo-taking experiences? This was just one of many for me.

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