Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Time change woes: How to take outfit photos in the wintertime

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If you are anything like me, last week's time change to rewind the clocks back an hour has been a disorienting, lagging experience as the sun sets quickly in the early evenings. If you're a style blogger (and one who does outdoor photography, especially), then this can be problematic issue in the wintertime, as it messes up the amount of time in the after-work hours to take photos. 

As I've been gearing up for doing photography during chilly temperatures, I've been revisiting some old tips on how to do outfit photos in the wintertime:

- Early to bed, early to rise. For those of you who live in regions that are affected by the time change, you may have noticed that there is now more daylight time in the mornings. Make the most of that daylight time by setting your alarm and taking your photos before work or school. You may surprise yourself in realizing how efficient it is to take photos before the day wears you and your outfit out, and who knows, you might like going to locations early in the morning too.  

- Crank up your ISO settings: If you decide to take photos in the evening, you may want to tinker with your ISO settings. ISO allows you to measure how sensitive your camera is to light, and many cameras will allow you to adjust your settings manually. A higher ISO number is better for situations where there isn't much light -- like around dusk. 

- Be flexible with your schedule: Maybe you're an extremely busy person and there just isn't time to take photos with the way your schedule is now. If there's any chance you can adjust your schedule for photography, perhaps you push around your work hours to get in some good photography time. Or perhaps you can find a few quick minutes -- be it lunch time or  a break -- to snap a few photos. It's all about finding opportunities of free moments that work well for you.

- If all else fails, go indoors: Sometimes photos just aren't going to happen outside, because of time or inclement weather. If that happens, you can always find a little spot in your home where you'd like to photograph your outfits. 

If you are a style blogger or photographer, how do you deal with time change in your photography? 

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