Sunday, December 23, 2012

Foxy lady

I've been enjoying my winter break ever since finals ended a couple weeks ago. I visited NYC for a few days for some job-related meetings and tourist time with Jeremiah, which was fun because I haven't done too many tourist-y things up there the last few times I visited him. This trip, we visited MoMA, saw Phantom on Broadway with family (the Majestic theater is pretty close to our apartment!), and trekked down to the High Line, which was a cool treat for my camera (photos soon). I'm back in Georgia now, gearing up for some more family time this week.

This fox sweater was a recent find at the Old Navy near Herald Square. I know some animals have become really popular the last few years (owls, octopuses and foxes) and I'm usually hesitant to wear anything animal-related if it's become too trendy, but I really like foxes and have worn this sweater like four times a week since I bought it, specifically with these plaid pants. Jeremiah likes to call me "Foxy Lady" whenever I wear it, which just reminds me of Wayne's World. This sweater is quite the cute little heartbreaker!

For those of you who celebrate Christmas, I wish you a holly jolly week!

credits - sweater: old navy | blouse (underneath): leon levin, vintage, thrifted | plaid pants: talbots outlet | coat: h&m, thrifted | purse: stone mountain, thrifted. 


  1. The sweater is adorable and so right for the holiday season))

  2. I love the foxy sweater!

    The High Line is awesome, though it was annoyingly packed with other tourists when I explored it in August. I look forward to seeing your pictures.

  3. What a preppy look!! I like the little polka dots. :) I'm glad you had fun in NYC. Miles and I really can't wait for our trip next month! Happy 2013!


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