Thursday, September 20, 2012

Flutter by

Even though I've done landscape photography for the last couple years, I'm still pretty new to it, especially when it comes to taking photos of animals and creatures at the park. I've seen many kinds of birds, and occasionally deer and foxes, but I usually discard many of those shots because I couldn't get close enough physically or my lens couldn't zoom far enough, and those animals are relegated to blurs and dots in my online photo gallery.

So imagine my surprise when, on the same day I wore butterfly sleeves, I spotted a really pretty butterfly nearby. The colorful insect rested in the same area for about 10 minutes, so I experimented with different angles as it flitted around. I'll hopefully be getting a new camera soon so that I do more landscape stuff — something tells me that trying this with either the ducks or the foxes just isn't going to work out quite as well ... 

credits- dress: erika, vintage, from minx | sandals: miss trish of capri, target. 

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