Monday, December 5, 2011

Sailor, your home is the sea

 Dress: Donna Ricco; Scarf, bag: thrifted; Sandals: Miss Trish of Capri.

Instead of having a traditional turkey day, our Thanksgiving travels took us to Roatan Island, Honduras, which is a secluded island for cruise ship tourists. Jeremiah and I got to do some exploring on the beach and shops around the area. Behind me in one of these photos is a shipwreck in the Roatan cove. We didn't get a chance to explore it closer but I'd bet it would be worth a snorkeling adventure one day.

I tried to keep to a minimum of dresses on this trip, because I hate packing too much, especially on warm-weather trips. Still, I couldn't resist matching my surroundings (in this case, the Carnival whale-tail) by going red, white and blue on Thanksgiving day.

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